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Why are people here way to serious

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I ‘ve noticed that when many users just post their opinions or suggestions on what a road should be or not be, many other users act like the person making the opinion or suggestion is a person of authority within the governing body of the roadway in question.  Therefore the other users behave like your idea is going to implemented, and it needs to stop.

I’ve seen it mainly on fictional where someone suggests that an interstate number be changed for what that person believes would work and instead of respecting that users suggestion they attack him like the idea is a mortal sin and label the user’s idea as “crazy.”

Granted, people like Ethanman and Dieselsabb were annoying and they never quit trolling people with their absurd suggestions, but attacking a person who thinks I-82 should be a N-S odd number is overkill.

Then there were other suggestions on fictional too, that were treated as if the person making the suggestion worked for the DOT in charge and was going to make the suggested change and start to act worried.  I can’t tell you how many heated arguments between users erupted ( with many between the same two all the time over different ideas) happen over a harmless topic.

I used to visit a tourist forum where many would complain about tolls and prices there and no one would intervene like we would here if the same suggestion was passed.  No one gone anal over a harmless suggestion on those tourist forums about travel, like we do at AARoads.

According to some person I’ve met in person off this forum, who witnessed many of it, he has seen many new users leave the forum as a result of blunt up front criticism of a harmless suggestion.   It seems we insult people we haven’t met or know who they are here.

Come on, it’s about topics that we can’t discuss elsewhere as roads seem to be eccentric to others off the forum.

Max Rockatansky:
In the case of one particular recent new user Iím more frustrated they bombarded more serious threads with FritzOwl-like ideas.  This was worsened by the fact that many of us tried to be reasonable and explain the real world scenarios which would prevent said ideas from happening.  Granted, this did start on a non-fictional board and has since migrated to the Fictional Board. 

For me I do get a little frustrated when I see myths perpetuated by users on Facebook pages like FWJ and Roadgeekery bombard the forum amongst the user base.  Thatís my thought though as someone who actually takes historic research seriously and tries to share it whenever possible.

I just stopped here on the way to Serious.

jp the roadgeek:
Well, TheAlan360 seemed to be serious and we all know how that turned out :bigass:

You know who was dead serious?  dzlsabe, that's who.


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