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Should the Alanland thread be unlocked?

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Wondering what users think

Max Rockatansky:
Alanland is preferable to MMMland.

jp the roadgeek:
It should and it shouldn’t

I've considered it before, but I think the joke has truly run its course by this point. Alanland is only fun when everyone goes into it with a philosophy of "yes, and..." that builds onto the previous lore without contradicting it. Toward the end there it seemed like people just wanted to repeat bits of it without adding anything new, or trying to railroad through their preferred version of it rather than collaborating on expanding the lore. That made it no longer funny, just kind of tiresome.

The Goncharov meme recently circulating elsewhere on the internet is fairly similar in spirit to early Alanland.

Every once in a while, if I come up with a ridiculous piece of Alanland lore, I just throw it onto Quindaropedia to see if anyone notices.

No, like Scott said, the first bit is funny, but after about 10-15 pages, it gets really stale with only the occasional truly funny post. I feel that very little would be contributed to Alanland if it were unlocked.


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