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J N Winkler:

--- Quote from: roadman65 on November 17, 2022, 01:39:12 PM ---Has any work commenced on the 15 mile realignment of K-14/K-96 yet in Reno and Rice Counties as part of the Northwest Passage project?
--- End quote ---

I have not been out that way lately, so I don't have field observations to draw on.  KDOT awarded the relevant contracts--14-78 KA-1007-02 (for Reno County) and 14-80 KA-1007-03 (for Rice County)--in March 2021 for a combined cost of just under $82 million.  Google satellite imagery for the general area has a displayed copyright date of 2022 and does not show any grading in the corridor, but this doesn't necessarily mean work hasn't started.


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