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Drove parts of Rt 9 today.  In my travels I drove both directions between Exit 15 (former Exit 9) and Exit 29 (former Exit 20N).  Northbound, new exit numbers begin at Exit 25 (former Exit 18).  Southbound, they are continuous through the entire section (and most likely extend south of Exit 9). 

Signs so new it doesn't even have an exit tab yet...
DSC03351 by Jay Hogan, on Flickr

One thing I found curious was the exit number changed on this sign assembly, whose days are (supposebly) numbered... (former Exit 18)
CT9NB-Exit25 by Jay Hogan, on Flickr

Quality control strikes again...
CT9NB-services-goof by Jay Hogan, on Flickr

I-91 interchange...
CT9NB-Exit29-3 by Jay Hogan, on Flickr

Looks like all the signs have been changed out, except those for Exit 12...
CT9SB-Exit23B-2 by Jay Hogan, on Flickr

Exit 15/former Exit 9...
CT9SB-Exit15-2 by Jay Hogan, on Flickr

More here...
CT 9 - Sign replacement/renumbering in progress:
CT 9 - Completed new signs w/ new exit #s:

jp the roadgeek:
Looks like they finished north of the 72 split last night.  Saw new Exit 39 signage in the rear view, plus they removed the cover on the one Old Exit sign SB that they missed.  So everything is done north of 91 except maybe the ALT I-84 LGS SB near the 91 interchange.

jp the roadgeek:
Apologies for the double post, but it looks like things are finally rolling on the CT 72 conversion. Some new supplemental signage, plus a couple of old exit signs up between 84 and Corbin Ave. Snuck this Easter egg.

UPDATE: looks like they did more gore and supplemental signage work last night east of I-84.  Saw the uber wide new Exit 1D sign eastbound, plus new gore signs for Corbin Ave and I-84 East westbound.

Why can't they get the spacing right on the signs? It's hard for me to believe they are not using computers and software that do all the heavy lifting on stuff like that.

For those interested,

I have all new photos of the mile-based exits on CT 9 available on my CT 9 page...(still missing Exits 13-5 but those will come next week maybe)...

A couple new signs since a couple weeks ago:

CT9NB-Exit34c by Jay Hogan, on Flickr

CT9NB-Exit40c by Jay Hogan, on Flickr

There's still 3 mainline gantries NB and somewhere around 6 SB.  Sheets are mostly all up on the middle and northern contracts, but no new mile markers yet north of MM 25.  And there are still some signs since replaced that have yet to be removed (but have had their exit numbers changed). 


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