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END signs

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I found this one on our very own Interstate Guide:


--- Quote from: epzik8 on February 15, 2017, 06:46:10 AM ---
U.S. Route 222 Business merges back with mainline U.S. 222 southbound to the south of Reading, Pennsylvania, 08/09/2016

--- End quote ---

That's an unnecessary "SOUTH" banner, isn't it?

Now that there's been more participation, I'll make another contribution (I didn't want to dominate the thread, so to speak.)

East end of Iowa 83 at IA-148 in Anita

North end of Iowa 148 past the north ramps of I-80

South end of Iowa 173 at IA-83

South end of Iowa 224 past the south ramps of I-80

South terminus of I-380 in the Coralville/Iowa City area


Here are my ENDS signs (the following show that Ontario uses the plural ENDS instead of singular END)

Renfrew CR 67 at CR 58 in Round Lake Centre, ON

ON 41 at ON 148 in Pembroke

Peel RR 19 near the 401 and 407 in Mississauga, ON

Waterloo RR 22 at the border with Wellington County (in Ontario)

Lanark CR 43 in Perth, ON

And if we include FIN signs... :colorful:

QC 215 at QC 139 in Sutton

QC 301 at QC 105 in Kazabazua


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