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OK Panhandle/W Kansas travel?

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In the spring I'll be going to Denver, and will likely have a day to travel. I'm planning on taking that day to drive east because I haven't been to either Kansas or Oklahoma (or really much of the Western plains except for around the Black Hills), and getting those will leave only 4 more states to go. I've also done RMNP/Eisenhower Tunnel and north before, so trying something new.

I'm planning on going down 287 to the panhandle, then take either 54 or 56 back up to 83 north to 70 west back to Denver. The question is, is there anything, er, interesting to do for an hour or so in both the Panhandle and Western Kansas? I'd like to do something in Oklahoma, but it might just be lunch somewhere in Boise City. Kansas has Cathedral Rocks, but I was wondering what else might be worthwhile.

Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City.  The live gun fight recreation is fun, sure, but the museum itself is awesome.

St Jacob's Well, south of Minneola.  I haven't been there, but my good friends like it.  If you just want to get out, stretch your legs on a short hike, and see some nature, maybe it's worth it.

Fick Fossil & History Museum, Oakley.  I've only been there in 4th of 5th grade, but I remember liking it back then.

Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Off the beaten path, but I checked out Kansas 'Point of Rocks' last spring (2021).
I thought it was neat.,restored%20by%20the%20federal%20government.

My Flickr album of that area:

Staying in Hays tonight as I have a funeral in Victoria tomorrow morning. I think Mr. Hoger got pretty much the entirety of "interesting things". Defiance Brewery here in Hays is really good. :)

The Oklahoma panhandle only exists because Texas didn't want it (it was the only part of Texas north of the Missouri Compromise line). Most of it isn't anything special.

OK-325 is worth checking out. You can watch the landscape gradually change from the flat plains of the Panhandle to the mesa-studded landscape typical of New Mexico. From there you can take NM-456 and NM-406 back to US-56/64 near Clayton NM, and use that to return to Boise City. OK-325 also puts you very close to Black Mesa, the highest point in Oklahoma, and US-56/64 puts you pretty close to the OK/TX/NM tripoint, if either of those appeal to you at all.

Depending on when in the spring you travel, be sure to check the forecasts and plan for the possibility of severe weather. Oklahoma gets most of its tornadoes from April to June, peaking in early May.


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