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General Highway Talk / Re: I'm so old that...
Last post by pderocco - Today at 03:00:05 PM
I remember when there were gas lines because of OPEC, and Nixon declared a national speed limit of 50mph so we'd all save gas.

I remember when the Mass Pike logo had an arrow through the pilgrim hat.

I remember when they finished the Southeast Expwy in Boston.

I remember the sign at the Provincetown end of US-6 showing the mileage to Long Beach.

I remember when the new red-white-and-blue Interstate symbols first showed up on my grandfather's road maps.

I remember when they built the Ridge Route Road in Los Angeles County.

No, wait, that last one was a dream.
Pacific Southwest / Re: Interstate 11 alignment, t...
Last post by Sub-Urbanite - Today at 02:49:52 PM
I'm honestly surprised by this level of research and work by NDOT. It's encouraging to see they're developing tangible plans moving forward.

What I see here are a couple of construction packages – maybe three packages – that can be funded one batch at a time from the Legislature. NDOT can go to Carson City in 2025 and ask for $150 million for the first 20 miles to Indian Springs, come back in '27 for the Indian Springs bypass, and then see where they're at in '29 and whether there's support for the segment to Mercury.

Simultaneous to that they can start design on the Mercury-to-Beatty segment so that it's ready for funding asks in the 2030s. It's a pretty slick approach if it's what they're doing, and it shows more momentum than I expected.

Quote from: The Ghostbuster on June 07, 2024, 08:47:26 PMI don't see Interstate 11 extended beyond NV 157 any time soon. It is good that they are looking at alternatives for the Indian Springs area. That will be the biggest part of getting Interstate 11 extended further up US 95.
Off-Topic / Re: Buc-ees outside of Texas.
Last post by Jim - Today at 02:49:36 PM
This article says that the Ocala Buc-ee's is planned on a new exit at NW 49th St, not the FL-326 exit.  It will be on the east side of I-75 there.
Off-Topic / Re: Buc-ees outside of Texas.
Last post by 74/171FAN - Today at 02:06:28 PM
QuoteA proposed Buc-ee's location in Ocala, FL (I-75 @ FL-326) will have an 80,000 square foot building.

Traffic Control / Re: 1-2-3 Route number Additio...
Last post by formulanone - Today at 01:51:04 PM
1513 = 823 + 595 + 95 in Sunrise, Florida:

General Highway Talk / Re: I'm so old that...
Last post by TheStranger - Today at 01:42:38 PM
Not too long ago but...

I recall when unsigned Route 275 (the former eastern segment of the West Sacramento Freeway/former US 40 and 99W) was entirely full freeway from US 50 in West Sacramento to the end of the Tower Bridge; this was still the case in my college years too!  The segment west of Tower Bridge was replaced with a boulevard about 12 years ago, "Tower Bridge Gateway"

I also remember the Watt Avenue/US 50 cloverleaf in eastern Sacramento, since replaced with a six ramp parclo.

Off-Topic / Re: Buc-ees outside of Texas.
Last post by Bobby5280 - Today at 01:32:50 PM
Quote from: SSOWorldI only stopped at 3 Buc-ee's during my trip over the last week.  Denton, Madisonville, and Katy. They're not convenient.  All are outside central city limits and you're likely to use one only if driving between cities - and at that, you're more likely to stop at a different brand like QT, Stripes, or Loves.

The word "convenient" definitely does not apply to Buc-ee's. The super-stores are indeed designed for longer distance road trips where someone might feel the need to stock up on snacks and other supplies.

As the national market gets more saturated with Buc-ee's locations (and other c-store chains do things to up their game) we'll likely see the insane crowd levels die down a bit.

I'm still looking forward to them opening a new store in Amarillo. That would be along the way on my road trips to Colorado. I'll probably still top off my tank at the Walmart in Dumas though.

Looking over the growing list of Buc-ee's locations outside of Texas (opened, under construction and proposed), I'm getting ever more convinced the chain has some kind of thing against Oklahoma.

Quote from: snowcSorry, Sevierville! Lulling just 1-upped you by 10,000 sqft!

The Sevierville location building is 74,707 square feet, or 293 square feet less than the 75,000 sqft building at the newly opened Luling.

That Texas location may not have the world record for very long. A proposed Buc-ee's location in Ocala, FL (I-95 @ FL-326) will have an 80,000 square foot building. But there is some word it might be down-sized to 74,0000 sqft. Several other proposed Buc-ee's locations would at least tie the size of the Luling store.
General Highway Talk / Re: I'm so old that...
Last post by Rothman - Today at 01:31:47 PM
Oh, and I remember when I-95 ended in Freeport, ME...near the only LL Bean store in the country.
Quote from: 74/171FAN on Today at 01:00:43 PM^Am I mistaken to assume that you have higher exit numbers in PA?

351 for I-95's exit on the Schooly D.

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