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Sign has a supplemental sign for a destination already on the BGS. The signs were both put up around the same time (replacing perfectly functional button copy that was MUTCD compliant and not looking like a Nassau County sign, I might add), when signage was replaced at all approaches to the bridge and these LGSs were put up at every approach to guide people to the Belt. The other approaches have more normal advance signage that removed the Belt to add toll information (neccessating the LGSs), but this one was seemingly made by a different contractor and kept the Belt on the BGS, making the (presumably NYCDOT-erected) LGS redundant.

Two consecutive assemblies to an illegitimate route on Crescent St in downtown Montréal:

Way to rub it in by Liliana Vess, on Flickr

Does this count? Redundant keep right:

It's a roundabout in Sultan, Washington, that was installed sometime between September 2008 and October 2013. The sign that's not on the metal pole is actually knocked over on the ground now, as seen in the image above, so here's a view from 2013: The funny part is that it seems it was installed that way, and it was only done on the east side of the roundabout while heading west on US 2. It's not present on the west side of the roundabout while heading east on US 2. Since it's truly redundant, I see no need to report it. In fact, I say cover the little thing it attaches to on the ground and throw it away.

This one's been around forever and it still amuses me.

2023 TN-AL Trip Photos Day 3 - 165 by H.B. Elkins, on Flickr

Saved this one from r/IdiotsInCars a while back. Proof that redundancy isn't always effective :)


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