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Max Rockatansky:
Incidentally I made updates to both CA 49 blog posts regarding additional State Park information. 

Max Rockatansky:
Made a recent update to the second CA 49 (the one with CA 16 to CA 89) which includes the new roundabout with CR E16 in Plymouth and clarifications to the highway alignment through Auburn:

Max Rockatansky:
Made a return visit to CA 49 in the Merced River Canyon on the way to Yosemite this past week.  The new asphalt is a huge help, the roadway seems to have been slightly widened in places also.  Definitely felt way less haggard of a drive than years past with the improvements.  My personal take is that the Merced River Canyon is one of the more underrated segments of State Highway.  Put a fresh album together which can be found below (and is spliced into the Part 1 CA 49 Gribblenation blog):

Max Rockatansky:
Put something together for Old CA 49 in San Andreas:

I’ve grown up going on CA-49 more times than I could count (Downieville is such a beautiful gem of a town). I was an atlas/mapping freak as a kid, and for the strangest reason, I seem to remember poring over Rand McNally maps as a kid and seeing that 49 ended way south of its current terminus at Oakhurst, instead terminating at US-395. If I had to guess/remember, I’d say I remember CA-49 ending near the small town of Independence. This memory is vivid to me because I clearly remember CA-49 being a thin pink line, which was represented on Rand McNally maps as an ordinary (non-major) state highway.

Of course, there are no traversable paths for CA-49 to cross the Sierras and make it all the way over to US-395, and there were no “dotted lines” indicating future CA-49 routing at all, so it must have been a misremembering/mix up of sorts. Still find it oddly interesting.


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