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Trying again to register after forgetting password from previous account


I've tried 3 different registrations, and I've heard nothing.  My account before all this has been txstateends, but I forgot my password and got no response on trying to reset that one.  I would appreciate some help either way.  I have lost out on several weeks of seeing what's newly posted, as well as being able to contribute any info/news/etc that is locally-relevant.  Thanks in advance.

Thanks for contacting us. We will reset your password.

Thanx Alps, I appreciate it.  I'm getting really bad these days about remembering passwords--very very frustrating.


--- Quote from: -itsjrd2- on July 25, 2018, 08:27:29 AM ---but I forgot my password and got no response on trying to reset that one.
--- End quote ---

That's because we have an issue with the email provider that you have eating emails.  I don't get them myself, so I feel ya on that.  So, I'd recommend to change your email host when you get the chance (recommend maybe a gmail account if you have one).

Anyways, I've manually sent you an email with a new 'temporary' password.  Once you're logged in, I'd recommend to change it immediately to something that you'd remember.


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