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Bridges replaced directly next to the old one

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US 89:
There are a couple of bridges on US 40 in Duchesne County, Utah that were built in 1959 right next to the original bridge:

The old bridges are now closed to traffic, but they're still there and are some of the oldest road structures still standing in Utah. They probably date to the late 1920s.

NY 32 over the Mohawk River does this too.  The shift on each side is very obvious.

One that isn't at all obvious is NY 441 over I-490; the old bridge was on the south side and the road used to have two curves and a straight part rather than a uniform curve.

One in Boston, NY: Trevett Road. It's not super obvious because the new alignment is actually at a smoother angle. I'll add GSV soon.

The I-280 Veterans Glass City Skyway bridge over the Maumee River in Toledo OH was built next to the Craig Memorial Bridge (drawbridge).  The latter is still in use as a surface street and OH-65 was extended south along it to a relocated connection to I-280.

(looking southeast)

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the replacement for the Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge.

On a much smaller subject. I read that the Dutchess County Road 26 Bridge over the Metro-North Harlem Line at the site of former Dover Furnace New York Central Railroad station was a 2013 replacement bridge along the same alignment as the older one. However, in every photo I've ever seen of that former station site, two abutments for a much older bridge can be seen.


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