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Bridges replaced directly next to the old one

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Happens on from the smallest bridges to the largest bridges.

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge on I-95/I-495 Capital Beltway.


--- Quote from: jeffandnicole on September 29, 2019, 09:56:02 AM ---Yep, this is done quite often.  When the roadway is slightly shifted to the new bridge, it can often be done so that most motorists aren't even aware of the slight shift.

--- End quote ---

This works well if the road is already somewhat curved. In my lifetime I've seen several bridges replaced in Arizona; the majority of them are on a straight stretch of road. The jog, while not hard to navigate, is pretty obvious. This tends to be amplified due to the fact that the newer bridges tend to have wider decks to accommodate more lanes, shoulders, sidewalks and other safety features. .

I-10 over Escambia Bay outside of Pensacola, FL; also I-10 over Lake Pontchartrain outside of New Orleans, LA.

The shift is quite noticeable on both examples.

Three bridge replacements in the last decade in the Bay Area have had this happen:

- the Treasure Island-Oakland portion of the Bay Bridge
- the southbound lanes of the Carquinez Bridge
- the northbound lanes of the Benicia Bridge

If I'm not mistaken, the same thing happened with the Dumbarton Bridge in the 1980s

Yeah, this is definitely quite common. Still interesting!

A relatively cool example near me would be the McMillin Bridge (a concrete half-through truss bridge), along WA-162 between Sumner and Orting. The old bridge was wearing out quickly, but was on the register of historic places. They built a new bridge alongside the old one, rerouted the highway onto the new bridge (complete with a new curve in the highway), and left the old one exactly where it had been for about 70-ish years. It was designed by Homer Hadley, designer of the original US-10 Lake Washington Floating Bridge (sunk in 1990).

Google Maps Street View:


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