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Route # Inconsistencies on Online Mapping services (i.e. Google Maps)

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I routinely use Google Maps to get directions to places just about anywhere, and I've noticed some weird screw-ups on the route numbers for roads.  Google likes to put a route number on many routes that are no longer part of the highway system.  Also, they like to give state route #'s to business routes.  Examples I have for both are in Barstow, CA.  On Old Hwy 58, they have route 58 cosigned with route 466, but they have the route incorrectly signed as US Hwy. 58 and CA-466.   Another one is the Business Loop 15 on Main St., but it is signed on Google as having CA-15 signage.  This intrigues me simply because it probably confuses many average drivers.  Any other incorrect route numbers that you all have noticed with online mapping?  Doesn't matter if you use Google Maps or Mapquest or whatever.

The example on live maps of the bridge over the C&D Canal in Maryland...

rawr apples:
lol...look at Northern Irelands motorway number system..hilarious

Google Maps uses interstate shields on freeways in China.

Also, apparently Virginia has a VA 58 between two discontinuous pieces of US 58.

Don't they do that in Canada as well?


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