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--- Quote from: Rover_0 on September 22, 2020, 01:56:10 PM ---In talking with someone at AASHTO, they provided a link to look at past Interstate, U.S., and Bike Route applications. In perusing through some of the applications and correspondence, I found some pretty interesting ideas.

Among them are:

US-78 extension to Denver, CO circa 1954

US-24 extension to St. George, UT circa 1955

US-200 establishment between Missoula, MT and Duluth, MN, circa 1961

US-64 extension to California via a lengthy concurrency with US-66 (1933 correspondence)

There are also other applications/correspondence that we know about as well. I canít seem to get direct links to the individual applications, but here is the link to the database:

Just enter in the number, state, and/or year youíre looking for and you should be able to find these documents pretty easily.

--- End quote ---

It was quite interesting to see that in 1974, both North and South Dakota requested US 85 from Deadwood to Canada be renumbered as...US 385. AASHTO rejected it due to everyone in both states being used to having US 85 on that road through Belle Fourche, Buffalo, Bowman, Belfield, Watford City, and Williston.

I suspect a similar type of renumbering would be met with a similar rejection, especially considering the substantial oil industry at the north end of the route.

Colored signs:

Blueprint of CT state numbering plan, late 1931:

This has some wild stuff that was revised before the 1932 renumbering.

* CT 17 from Granby to Old Saybrook (became CT 9 in 1932)
* CT 9 from New Haven to Union and Mass Line via Middletown, East Hartford, Stafford (became CT 15)
* CT 180, Glastonbury (94)
* and lots of smaller stuff: 171, 192, 155, etc. in odd places

Sadly, it looks like there's no way to link to anything without it 404ing. Or at least not in the usual way.

New corridors (no number discussed):

Savannah GA to Marble NC
Norfolk to Hatteras NC
Gauley Bridge WV to Ashtabula OH
Pascagoula MS to Jackson TN
As part of US 52 extension to Bluefield a request to connect US 23 and US 52 with a US route (likely what became US 119 later)

US 219 was truncated from Princeton WV in 1966 (solves a mystery)

Have not yet found proof MSR 121 was a requested US route, though all of SC 121 (still SC 19 then) was in the US 319 extension request.

Also found proof that US 15 did exist south of Walterboro briefly.  And that SC really wanted US 17E and US 17W but knew it would be rejected.

Found proof US 52 did go into Huntington WV prior to 1932.

Found proof that Virginia did sign VA 301 prior to US 301 extension to Baltimore.

Not only was US 33 through KY-TN out there, it had a US 33E and US 33W split

Tennessee REALLY did not want to change most of their suffixed routes.

The answer to what was I-B59 in Alabama is about is in there.

I-72 on the Baltimore Beltway

Some states (esp. TN) sent their entire official maps with early submissions.

There were 3 attempts to extend US 58 to E St Louis (Illinois even had a US 58 ALT) and 2 more to extend it to Chattanooga TN.

So much to learn...barely scratched the surface.


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