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What’s in a name?

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Well depending on what state or region you are from terms can vary. Not in dictionary talk though, but in common verbiage.

Example in New York a freeway is coined an expressway, but in Jefferson City, MO the Expressway is an arterial with limited access. Hence the Long Island Expressway in the former and Whitton Expressway in the latter. Both are expressways in name but in nature they are different types a roadways. 

Then Route verses Highway. Some states like NJ and NY called numbered routes as routes while Florida will call the same as highways. Route 46 in NJ or Route 17 in NY while it’s Highway 46 and Highway 17 in the Sunshine State. Yet US 1 in both NJ/ NY is called Route 1 in those states, but unlike other US Highways in Florida which are called “Highway X” it is called US 1 here. No Floridian ever says Highway One for this particular route.

Turn signals:

Kitty-corner vs. Catty-corner

For US highways, it seems like that "Route 66" is the only one frequently called with the "route" prefix, and the others either use "US" or "highway" in front of it, or even no prefix.

No route or Highway in Michigan, State routes are M-wherever.


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