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Potential 2023 Grand Forks, North Dakota Meet

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Definitely interested. I need an excuse to spend time in ND anyway. I wouldn't be interested in attending on Memorial Day weekend for several reasons but any other listed date should work for me.

I removed my vote as not to influence the outcome, since I will likely be able to attend any of the dates should you go ahead with this idea.

Why Grand Forks, out of curiosity?

I would be interested since I have barely touched North Dakota by 1 county back in July 2015 but not voting yet, if all goes to plan Steph and I are cross country road triping back to Albuquerque next July and includes clinching the last of I-70 I need and get some Utah counties too so we shall see


--- Quote from: froggie on August 26, 2022, 12:45:32 PM ---Why Grand Forks, out of curiosity?

--- End quote ---
Because North Dakota. #DudeWheresMyRespect


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