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Do Spur Routes Have Directions?

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Obviously, you are heading a direction, but in terms of signage, all I see is spur, such as here. So, for a regular route, using Washington State Route 503 as an example, per my link above, you would see "North 503" or "South 503." However, for the spur route, all I see on the signage is "Spur 503." I do not see "Spur North 503" or "Spur South 503." Only "spur."

So it would be incorrect to say "Washington State Route 20 Spur West"? I should just say "Washington State Route 20 Spur"? Hence my question in the subject: "Do spur routes have directions?" I guess this question could also apply to business routes since I don't see directions there, either, just the word business or loop and the number of the route, such as I-90.

Interstate auxiliaries donít follow directionality. Auxiliaries in other state systems have their own rules. US route auxiliaries generally follow directionality and are often of equal importance to their parent.

I wonder if that explains why Interstate 105, an auxiliary/spur route of Interstate 5 in Oregon is signed as west and east. Although that might be something different entirely.

Spur US 641 around the southwest of Benton, KY is posted with NORTH-SOUTH directional banners.

Georgia is loaded with state spur routes with directional banners.



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