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Highway shield number fonts

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What are the names of the fonts used for the shield numbers in these images?

1. The font used in New Brunswick:
and in British Columbia:

2.  The old font that PA used before switching to the standard:
jumbo (US 6):

3.  This oddity in PA:

4. The font used in the Yukon:

5. Another font used in British Columbia:

To see the pics, browse first to
then paste the image URL into the location bar of the tab. 

Mostly highway signs use Clearview and also Gothic in some cases.

Those sure don't look like Clearview to me!  :spin:

What is actually so bad about the Clearview font? I kinda like it, but I see people responding with "Eww Clearview".

i think many of us simply prefer the older FHWA fonts...

Clearview in my eyes (and they arent the greatest) simply isnt worth all the expense for whatever marginal improvement it represents over the classic highway fonts...franjkly, i think it is one UGLY font for signs!

(i AM word processors at home and my office computers are set up to use Roadgeek Series D font [very close to FHWA D font] as default...i find it easier to read than New Times Gothic or Arial


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