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Shadow Assassin:
Keep in mind, guys, that the usage of the word "motorway" differs from state to state.

NSW and Victoria use Motorway to describe roads that have tolls on them (eg. M7 Motorway, M4 Motorway), and Freeway to describe roads that are otherwise "free" (eg. Sydney-Newcastle Fwy). QLD use motorways exclusively, whether or not they are tolled (eg. Pacific Motorway, Gateway Motorway). WA use freeways exclusively (eg. Mitchell Freeway, Graham Farmer Fwy).

So, yeah, it does differ from state to state. :P

Shadow Assassin:

Since the M7 was built (this photo's on the M2 just before that photo shown above), there are so many choices of how to get to Blacktown. :P

Image courtesy of OzRoads


I am new here  :poke:

Just wanted to make a point-

In QLD, most motorways and highways are toll free.

However, in Brisbane, the Logan Mwy has tolls on it, as is the Gateway Bridge (on the Gateway Mwy). There are no other tolls on the Gateway.

With the new tunnels being built- Airport Link, the NSBT (Clem Jones Tunnel), the Hale Street Link, the Northern Link and eventually the East-West Link, they will all be tolled- using automatic tolling systems (E-Toll I think it's called).

The Gov. also announced that from July 1, the Gateway & Logan Mwys will be E-Toll only, and those without an E-Toll tag can still go through, but will have to pay the full toll fare, as well as an extra 40c to the government. The E-Toll tags will be free to purchase (I believe) but you will need to pay $$$ to top it up for use.

Yeah QLDs road naming is really confusing, especially with all the different M1s, M2s, M3s etc and "highways" and "motorways" and "expressways". Really confuses many people.



Isn't the Westlink M7 owned/maintained by Transurban?

Shadow Assassin:
Yes, Transurban does maintain the M7 motorway: same with the M2, M4 and M5 motorways and the Eastern Distributor.

Incidentally, they also own and maintain two freeways in Virginia: Pocahontas 895 and Interstate 495 (or at least the HOT lanes on the Capital Beltway).


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