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Revive 755:
These came to my attention in the EIS for the Lincoln, Nebraska beltway.  The first one is ENE of Lincoln at Adams and 112th:

This one is SE of Lincoln at 91st St/Breagan Rd (Old NE 2?) at Yankee Hill Rd/1st St.  Unlike the other two, it is not double sided:

This one is south of Lincoln at the intersection of Saltillo Road and 56th St:

(Edited a few times to get the images showing.)

Good..what are those on, the old Linclon Highway?

Revive 755:
They just seem to be randomly placed around Lincoln, given the street and highway system today.  The Lincoln Highway runs up through Fremont unless I'm mistaken.

*snerks* lets see Joehler try to put THOSE in his trailer!


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