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Well, I prefer wide open roads, whether they be a state route (SR 400/GA 400) or an Interstate (I-285).

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I like secondary highways that pass through the cores of small towns. Case in point- I-76 through Eastern Colorado is incredibly boring but US-6 through Eastern Colorado is actually fairly pretty, and they are only a few miles away from each other (this being where they aren't multiplexed).

I voted state highway, but US highway works as well. My main preference for type of road to drive on (time not being a consideration)  is two lanes and doesn't bypass towns. If I'm in a hurry, put me on an interstate.

State highways, they have traffic signals   :-D (well so do county and US roads, but state roads are my thing)

I like freeways. I don't care if its an interstate, a county road, a state road, or a US Highway. Or anything in between. Just freeways.

So I voted interstates, since that is the only "all-freeway" system.

State highways are widespread and connected to all parts of the state and go beyond..just like the U.S. routes, only they serve more towns.


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