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I-5 from Arbuckle to Weed, California

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I think all of I-5 should be upgraded to have at least 3 or 4 lanes.  The two lane configuration just doesn't work anymore...too much truck traffic. 

Actually, north of Redding, traffic is not heavy enough to warrant this. Even on holiday weekends, two lanes is plenty.

I agree with Donutbandit; the traffic counts don't really require more than 4 lanes, total.  It can be heavy during holiday periods, but it still moves at the limit. 

Really, I think I-5 north of Sacramento is just fine at 2 lanes.  I've never seen it backed up unless there's an accident, and I used to live in Sacramento.  Now 80 is another story...

80's traffic problems would be solved by raising Tahoe's water level by about 20 feet.


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