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HOT Lanes may have hot future in Bay Area

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--- Quote ---This is going to make the traffic even worse. Nobody in the Bay Area is going to use these.
--- End quote ---

You'd be surprised. That's what I thought when they put those things on SR 167 in the Seattle area. As long as the road is free for HOV there will still be just as many cars in those lanes as there were before, and then any extra lane-miles in the HOV lanes can be filled by tolled solo drivers, so from that standpoint it's a no loss. That said, I'm highly against those for other reasons.

I actually wrote an essay about them for class earlier this year

The reality of it is, no matter what you do to the freeway system, in many cases, the number of people that use the freeway outnumber anything that would be of use for traffic easement.  Sprawl is the most amazing thing, no?   :pan:

I still don't want them.

Well, get ready for them, voyager.  I saw in today's San Jose Mercury News (Mr. Roadshow column) that Caltrans is now preparing for the conversion of the southbound I-680 HOV lane into a toll lane.  Supposedly, all of the southbound lanes have been narrowed to 11 feet and the speed limit has been lowered to 55 MPH.


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