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--- Quote from: bob7374 on September 07, 2022, 11:43:47 PM ---NCDOT has revised its 2023-2032 Draft STIP to "reflect new sources of revenue" prior to holding a series of public meetings in each Division over the next several weeks:

Good news for some future interstate projects. The Revised STIP now funds upgrading US 74 between Rockingham and Laurinburg to interstate standards (I-74), ROW in 2028 and construction in 2030. Funds upgrading of US 29 to interstate standards (I-795) from the Greensboro Loop to Reidsville with ROW in 2028 and construction in 2031. And funds 2 sections (U-3125C and U-3125D) of US 117 being upgraded to interstate standards (I-795) with ROWs to start in 2026 and 2027 and construction in 2028 and 2029. Perhaps more will be funded in the Final STIP due out next summer.

Link to Revised STP Excel file:

--- End quote ---

I tried to review this revised stip, but 5he spreadsheet just lists line items by project number, never mentioning route or county.  I am looking forward to what is added.  There is now a second higher education campus on the site of Western Piedmont CC in Morganton which will upon opening further tax US 64, at  I-40, exit 103.


--- Quote from: rickmastfan67 on September 13, 2022, 05:31:23 AM ---NCDOT statement on traffic improvements for North Wilkesboro:

#NEW The #NASCAR All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro is about 8 months away. NCDOT leaders tell me there is not enough time to build any new interchanges off US 421 or any other road projects. Full statement below. @Queen_City_News— Brett Baldeck (@BrettBaldeck) September 12, 2022
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And statement from the NCHP:

#MORE North Carolina Highway Patrol says they are already working on a traffic plan for the All-Star race. Statement is also below. @Queen_City_News— Brett Baldeck (@BrettBaldeck) September 12, 2022
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I'm curious as to what they may have in store in regards to this. A good short-term fix would be to widen/straighten out Speedway Road, but I take it that isn't in the cards either

Dirt Roads:

--- Quote from: Dirt Roads on September 16, 2022, 08:43:16 PM ---My wife and I were headed to the Orange County Sportsplex on Wednesday evening (Sep 14) when we encountered an improptu detour on NC-86 where the bridge over I-85 was closed.  I've been swamped this week, but now that I am finally getting back to normal we find that the accident occurred after midnight on Tuesday night.  I-85 [westbound] was still down to one lane at noontime today, and I am not sure whether NCDOT will get both lanes open anytime soon.  Almost all of the paint on the span over the southbound lanes was intensely blackened by the fire.

--- End quote ---

The NC-86 bridge over I-85 at the Hampton Pointe exit (Hillsborough/Chapel Hill, Exit 165) has finally reopened.  It was still closed as of Friday evening (Sept 23).  "Detour" signs for I-40 (Alternate I-40) have been posted all around the area in advance of the I-40 widening, and it was odd having a real detour on top of it.  Even stranger is that the Alternate I-40 detour on NC-86 northbound is marked for both I-40 westbound (via I-85 southbound) and for I-40 eastbound (via I-85 northbound and the Durham Freeway).

I checked with NCDOT on whether the US 264 had reopened at the Pungo Creek Bridge (the closure that kept me from a full clinch of US 264 as posted in April 2022), and NCDOT responded that it has reopened.

Google maps has updated W-S beltline imagery for the ne quadrant.  Dont know have far the pic is behind reality, but now shows a good fraction as paved.


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