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Plutonic Panda:
Thread to discuss certain issues and projects not related to any one freeway.

Here’s a new initiative from Caltrans to identify needs for several corridors which include mass, active, as well as GP, HOV, and HOT lanes. Given there is thread for mass transit I’d keep that conversation to a minimum.

Here are the freeways in question:

Currently District 7 is initiating the following Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plans (CMCPs):

Interstate 10 (from SR 1/SR2 TO EAST LA Interchange) – Shefa Bhuiyan
Interstate 5 (from LA/Orange County Line to Route 60) – Rawan Al-Jamal
U.S. Route 101 (I-110 to I-405) – Rawan Al-Jamal
State Route 91 (Route 110 to LA/Orange County Line) – Charles Lau
Interstate 110 (Gaffey Street to I-5) – Cassandra Carlin

Here’s the project website:

There’s two studies available to take one about sharing your ideas for the 101 and the other the 110.

Of these routes, the only ones I travel with any frequency are the 91 and 110.

Southbound 110 tends to become really congested in the afternoons around the I-405 interchange.

Plutonic Panda:
Oh boy, I think we have a winner for one of the most ridiculous, disingenuous anti-freeway articles I’ve ever read:

Written by none other than the wonderful Joe Linton.

Max Rockatansky:
I mean, were you expecting something different from LA Street Blog?

Plutonic Panda:

--- Quote from: Max Rockatansky on May 23, 2022, 05:58:51 PM ---I mean, were you expecting something different from LA Street Blog?

--- End quote ---
Nope. But I was surprised by the amount of just flat out false information posted in that article. Usually he’ll spin things but there were tons of flat out lies.


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