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Indiana business routes gone?

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Google Maps street view shows a lack of signed US business routes through some of the places I had thought had business routes. The map views of Yahoo and Google show a handful of business routes (like US 24 Bus in Logansport and Wabash).  The DOT map doesn't seem to show any business route designations.

Is Indiana DOT phasing out such routes? Are there any US business routes left in the state?

Is the Bus US 31 designation outdated on the I-80/90 BGS at the South Bend exit?

I believe all business routes in Indiana are locally-maintained, so INDOT would not have the say in whether they stay or go.  Likewise, they do not recognize business routes on the state map.  This is up to the discretion of the county or city in question.  BUSINESS US 31 is still signed through the South Bend area, and the exit signs along I-80/90 at the IN 933 interchange are correct to identify the business route.  I'm not sure if BUSINESS US 31 is maintained by the City of South Bend or St. Joseph County, but it is one or the other, and not INDOT.

Makes sense. 

Do the local maintenance agencies seek AASHTO approval for US business routes?

In the end, I'm trying to update my web site:
with a complete list of all the auxiliary routes in Indiana, but web resources aren't helping much.

Where did you get info for By-Pass US 45 in Norris City, IL?  I have never heard of that one.  Also, BUSN U.S. 6 in NW Indiana, along Ridge Road.  I have a page on my website on the U.S. 6 Lake County IN page.  Again this is one that is poorly marked, but does have a marked exit on I-65.

Bus US 6 in NW IN:
I couldn't find the page you mentioned from your site (got the link?) but I did see the route signed on I-65 in Google Maps street view.  Street view doesn't show any signs at the supposed east end though (IL 51, right?).  No atlas that I have shows the designation at all.  This is all I have to go on, so it makes me think the business route is gone and the I-65 BGS is just out-of-date.  If you have more evidence that the route is still intact, please do share. 

Bypass US 45 in Norris City, IL:
Check out this pdf map from IL DOT:
It's stamped as last revised in 1993.  Has the route disappeared since then?  I do not know if it is or was signed.


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