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Interstate 71 miscellany thread (Ohio Mile 61 to Cleveland)

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This thread for general discussion of Interstate 71 in the Great Lakes region, which I've decided includes the portions in Ohio from the Greene–Fayette county line to Cleveland. [rationale] [see also Ohio Valley counterpart]

I'm actually having trouble coming up with something specific to start the thread that doesn't already have its own thread.  Hudson Street overpass replacement in Columbus maybe?  Upcoming widening projects south of I-70?  Those long-distance travel time signs that seem to think traffic moves at 61 MPH in the best case scenario?

At least one of the southbound mileage signs (the one after the US 30 Mansfield interchange) has the correct distance to Cincinnati now (176 miles instead of 181).  The other one south of Belleville has not yet been replaced.  It shows Cincinnati at 169 miles when it should be 164.

Just drove on I-71 to I-76 and from I-271 to Cincinnati last week.  The sections north of Columbus are very smooth and three-laned.

I moved from Youngstown to Indianapolis in January 1997.   Finally nice last month to drive back on a three lane 71 with no construction.

We will need to resurrect this thread at Thanksgiving.  I'm curious if the completion of the third lane will keep 71 northbound from Columbus from being a parking lot on Wednesday night.  After spending a couple of years where it took three hours or so to get from 270 to 76, we learned alternate routes.  Mostly 69 to 469 to 30 to 77 to 76.

Lots of work in the median now for the widening project from OH 665 to Stringtown Road in Grove City. I imagine once that's done, the need for improvements at the 270 interchange will be felt even more strongly.

I was on 71 earlier this month and noticed that there are blue median mile markers every 0.2 miles from Columbus all the way to Cleveland, and in many cases the green ones on the shoulder side were gone. Are they phasing out the green ones?


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