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Buc-ees outside of Texas.

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Great Lakes Roads:

Buc-ee's could be building one in the coastal region of Georgia in Glynn County (Brunswick).


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Buc-ee's could be building one in the coastal region of Georgia in Glynn County (Brunswick).

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That would help offset traffic at the one nearby (in St. Johns County near St. Augustine).

They were talking about this on one of the local news stations.


Interesting that Action News would pick up this story, but itís more or less Georgia anyway.

I finally went to the one on International Golf Parkway on thursday. I've heard about the one in Daytona Beach, and there have been times that I could swear people thought they were one in the same.

Great Lakes Roads:

Buc-ee's is breaking ground on the 53,000 square feet and 120 gas pumps in Springfield, MO on August 23rd (Tuesday). It's going to be located at 3284 N. Mulroy Road.

These giant-sized stores are a little too big; yeah, it's nice not waiting for a stall but threading through one that's jam-packed with people milling around in utter confusion gets a little annoying. I took the kids through the one off LPGA Boulevard last month and they were a little surprised but annoyed at the crowd sizes. Parking is ridiculous but at least there's a spot somewhere. Maybe one day they'll have a tram...

Everything is priced higher than most convenience stores, but still less than an airport shop. Dang it, those beaver nuggets are good nibbling and at least they keep them close to the register.

Side note: about 2-3 hours later, we later stopped at a Busy Bee off I-10, and it's like a 1:3 scale Bucee's.


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