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Favorite Store-brand & Restaurant Pizza Chains?

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When on an extended road trip, I get tired of the fast food McRestaurants as the primary road diet. And sometimes, getting a pizza to eat on the road is a nice alternative, since it doesn't have to be eaten right away.

And sometimes, popping a pizza in the oven at home is a quick, filling meal.

What are your go-to brands for pizza that you order fir pickup and delivery, and what brand(s) are your favorite in the Frozen Food aisle??

I personally would recommend going to a grocery store and buying a frozen pizza. DiGiorno is usually a good choice for store brought. If I ever order pizza out, I usually go to a nice local spot (we have plenty of those in Greater Boston) vs a chain place. Iíve never eaten at a Pizza Hut, but in my area, Papa Ginoís is a good choice.

What I would do if I wanted a pizza on the road is research what local pizza restaurants are around, and if I find one that looks good, call the order ahead, so it's ready by the time I drive to the restaurant.

Big John:
For frozen I get a small-brand Village Pub pizza.  I rarely ever get takeout pizza, Jets recently opened up here and I seem to like it.

For the major chains, I like Little Caesars the best if it's made right but that is a very big IF -- the quality from store to store, and even from one visit to the next at the same store, varies wildly.  I like a lot of sauce on my pizza and I think theirs is the best-tasting sauce of the chains.

Pizza Hut is the worst of the chains.  Overpriced and mediocre at best.  The barest appearance of multiple toppings but they charge like sin for them.


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