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Things non-roadgeeks get wrong about roads that bother you

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My biggest pet peeve is when they call any old road an Interstate. No, you're not on the Interstate when you're on a two lane city street infested with traffic lights or any long distance highway. Too many people I know do that.

Of course, I don't actually interrupt and correct them because nobody wants to be that person. I just seethe inside.

That's strange. When I lived in the Midwest, most people just referred to them as "Highway (insert number here)," both in Wisconsin and in St Louis. In California, it's just "The (insert number)" for most highways. Unnumbered streets were just "the street" or "the road," though I have heard busy streets called highways on occasion. Never heard anything but an interstate called an interstate.

Calling interstates and US routes "state routes".


--- Quote from: SkyPesos on June 22, 2022, 08:31:51 PM ---Calling interstates and US routes "state routes".

--- End quote ---

I find a lot of people around here thinking state roads are county roads.

Last winter, someone took to their community's Facebook page to complain the State DOT trucks weren't plowing business parking lots!  (That person was corrected by a whole lot of people)

Max Rockatansky:
Not knowing the difference between US, Interstate and State routes.  Not having a good general sense of direction.  Not understanding how driving can be fun and why someone wouldn’t take the most direct route to places.


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