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--- Quote from: Strider on January 07, 2013, 12:46:55 AM ---Yeah.. I know that a trumpet won't work with US 13.. obviously lol.

I thought that the south end should be directional T.. you know to avoid the looping ramp from I-295 South to I-95 North, but I guess NCDOT want to save money.. and choose the cheapest interchange.

IMO, US 13 should be widened from that interchange going east/north for a few miles.. but i guess it's a money-saving purpose here. Either way, it's nice to know that Fayetteville is having its outer loop under construction.

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I always thought the northern interchange with I-95 would need to be upgraded before the route could officially be signed I-295, given that a left turn is needed to access I-295 from I-95 north. According to the sign plans, however, they plan to do so, and add numbers to the exits, when the route is complete to the Fort Bragg area. Future exit numbers are listed on my Future NC Interstates, I-295 page:

I was wondering if US 401 will be signed along it and have it bypassed moved even further west?  In Williamston US 17 was bypassed with the US 64 freeway extension, that already had a split in routes.  There was the US 17 Business through the city, and the US 17 Bypass (East Boulevard) that went around the center. I am not sure how the new Business route is aligned being that US 17 Bypass was made another business.

Then you have the four US 70 alignments through the Smithfield- Selma area, so you could have current US 401 Bypass be US 401, and the I-295 as the new US 401 Bypass, and US 401 Business could remain as it is.

NCDOT released the plans Tuesday for the final contract to complete construction of the Fayetteville Outer Loop beyond US 401 to the All American Freeway. This contract to be let on June 17 does final paving work and sign installation for the two segments currently under construction, Murchison Rd to Bragg Blvd, which will probably open sometime this fall. And the piece from US 401 to Murchison Rd whose major work will be complete next month. The signage plans had one big surprise, the road will be signed, not as I-295 when work is completed sometime in 2015, but as NC 295. Previous signage plans for the Murchison Rd to Bragg Blvd segment had signs with blank spaces but marked as to be filled with I-295 signs in the future (when the entire roadway would open). What changed?

Apparently, NCDOT again overestimated the FHWA's leniency in regard to signing substandard freeways as interstates. There is a substandard bridge crossing of the Cape Fear River, but, probably the deal killer, to get from I-95 North to the Loop requires you to go through a signalized intersection (same for traffic headed for US 13 coming from I-95 South). The plans do show Future I-295 shields to remain, paired with NC 210 shields along the roadway, but all other Future 295 signs at on-ramps and on overheads along the open portion between I-95 and US 401 will be taken down. The mile markers in the plans (running from 22 to 34 in the plans if you're curious with Exit 21 being Bragg Blvd/All-American Freeway, Exit 23 Murchison Rd, Exit 25 McArthur Rd, Exit 28 US 401, Exit 30 River Rd and Exit 34 I-95) all have NC 295 shields implying this designation will be here for awhile. Given that there are no projects to upgrade the Loop/I-95 interchange, and no current funding for building the Loop's final 17 miles back to I-95, guess that's not surprising.

The sign plans can be accessed at

Yep, I remember you shared it last night in the Facebook group.  And yes, the new Strategic Mobility Formula that NCDOT will use soon already listed the remaining sections at a low-to-mid priority.  I am glad though that NCDOT will have real signs and mile markers on the route now, even if its NC 295.


--- Quote ---There is a substandard bridge crossing of the Cape Fear River, but, probably the deal killer, to get from I-95 North to the Loop requires you to go through a signalized intersection (same for traffic headed for US 13 coming from I-95 South).
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There's precedent for partial Interstate-Interstate interchanges elsewhere, and the two main movements (SB 95 to SB 295 and vice versa), plus the NB 295 to SB 95 ramp, are all direct movements.  I'd suspect that a combination of the substandard Cape Fear River bridge and the lack of commitment to finish the loop are the actual reasons, not the 95 interchange.

As a side note, the 95/13 ramps were stop sign-controlled as late as November.  Have they been signalized since then?


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