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--- Quote from: roadman65 on June 21, 2022, 09:08:11 AM ---Its amazing how the way the service plazas are run.  The authority owns the land, the building is owned by another party, and the company who runs the business is another.

Newark Airport is the same way.  The city owns the airport and land, the Port Authority manages the facility, but the airline tenants maintain the areas of the check ins, baggage carousel, and gate areas.

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That's not uncommon for commercial leases.

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Hospitals are the most common hence why you get several bills instead of one. Even the ER is a separate entity from the actual hospital.

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the complexities of our healthcare system are way outside the scope of this conversation.

your average corporate building is owned by one company, operated by another (building management), and then leased by one or more tenants.


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