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D.C. Highways Question

Started by Ian, April 18, 2009, 12:59:54 PM

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Hey all!

This may seem like a dumb and pointless question but I just have to ask it: why does D.C. only have one state (or district  :confused:) highway? I mean, couldnt they have named some streets in downtown with a route number? I dunno, just my though. There are some streets that look like they could be numbered.

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Most roads in DC probably predate the idea of numbered highways.  In the 1920s where the US Highway system came into being, the public was actually hostile to numbered highways.  Eventually people just came to accept it.  The only reason DC 295 exists is for continuity with I-295 and MD 295.
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William Yurasko's site (I forget the URL at the moment) had a photo of a DC 4 on Pennsylvania Avenue from back in the 1940s.
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QuoteWilliam Yurasko's site (I forget the URL at the moment) had a photo of a DC 4 on Pennsylvania Avenue from back in the 1940s.
The latest VDOT map shows a DC 355 on Wisconsin Ave(continuing from MD 355)
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Maybe having numbered highways there just isn't necessary, despite that some roads "look able to handle" it. Think about it. There are very few numbered roads in Manhattan, and most are in the northern part.


Speaking of DC roads: I recently completed a map that shows all DC roads named after US states.  Everyone knows Pennsylvania Av, and there are other well-known ones, like Massachusetts Av, Connecticut Av, Georgia Av, Rhode Island Av, New York Av... but I was surprised to find that all 50 states are remembered on a DC roadname.  In the spirit of the original city plan, all of these roads run diagonally.  You can discern other patterns by viewing the map... - US highway endpoints, photos, maps, and history


QuoteAbout the only non-Interstate route numbers I hear on a consistent basis are US 1 outside the District, and US 50, though even the latter you'll commonly hear "John Hanson Hwy" or "Arlington Blvd" along with it.

I'd add 110 near the Pentagon to that list.  I have no idea what the actual road there is called, but I've never heard it referred to as anything but 110.

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