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Anyone see this Modern Marvels episode?

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Turning it onto History Channel...they're doing an episode of Modern Marvels on superhighways...

...and focusing on the cloverleaf at I-215/Route 60 and Route 91.  :D

Yeah i saw that episode i don't normally watch the show, don't know why but i just don't. It also had "High-Five Interchange" on there

I saw that several months ago. Had a blurb that China was building a freeway network that would rival if not surpass the Interstate network.

That was a very interesting episode -- Superhighways. I also like the Dangerous Roads episode. What I like most about that episode was Bolivia's "Death Road" (Yungas Road, from La Paz to Coroico). History (Channel) has me hooked with their different shows. I especially like Ice Road Truckers.

And, yeah, the "High Five" Interchange in Dallas is awesome-looking. Gotta get out there and see that.

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sweet, they had a movie of the Yungas Road?

has the bypass been opened yet?


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