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What's not mentioned is that it was done largely on the backs of Turnpike users, with some stimulus money thrown in...(the stimulus money was mentioned...PTC's "rent payments" weren't)

DRJTBC Awards Construction Contract for Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge ORT Project

Roadgeek Adam:

--- Quote from: PAHighways on June 28, 2010, 05:43:41 PM ---DRJTBC Awards Construction Contract for Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge ORT Project

--- End quote ---

Yay, more tolls with EZ Pass - Its nice to see the work the guy I am working with in action. For anyone who's curious, I am working on a dedicated plaque at the Portland-Columbia Pedestrian Bridge in honor of its 50+ year bridge tender (during the covered bridge era). Plans are in the works with the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.

Found this on Google's Timeline, it indicates that signage for U.S. 122 was taken down on May 13, 1963:

"State Plans to Start Removal of Route 122 Signs"

--- Quote ---Winkler listed several reasons for the changes. He said one reason is that traffic numbers can be assigned to the interchanges of Interstate 180 from Morgantown to Reading. Another is that the state desires to eliminate dual signing of nunbered routes and to consolidate traffic routes.

In addition, Winkler said, the state desires to eliminate any U.S. numbered routes that lie wholly within the state and are under 300 miles in length. This elimination is in line with federal policy, and the federal government granted the state permission to make the changes, he added.

Two sign crews consisting of 12 men will make the changes.
--- End quote ---

alas, no picture.  but hey, cash when I need it!  :-D


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