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I-15/CA-91 Express Lanes: A great idea, but where else would they be welcome?

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The Express Lanes on busy freeways like I-15 through North San Diego County and CA-91 through Orange County have done quite a lot to relieve traffic in their respective areas.  However, where else do you all think they would be a perfect addition to the existing freeway system?  I think that many routes traveling through metro areas would benefit greatly from a separate FasTrak/carpool lane(s) that would allow thru traffic to flow through these areas.  Anyways, I'd appreciate to hear your responses.

The Orlando area was slated to have express lanes running down the median of Interstate 4.  Dubbed Express 400 (for the hidden state route number Interstate 4 shares), the four-lane express lanes would have ran from the Florida 435 (Kirkman Road exit 75) to Florida 434 (exit 94), allowing motorists to bypass the usual congestion Interstate 4 produces daily.  It would have essentially been a road within a road because the Express 400 would have had its own interchanges (granted only a couple slated) at junctions separate from Interstate 4 as well as a few slip ramps to get back onto the mainline Interstate 4.  But thanks to a politician, the plans were discontinued.  There is however, a similar proposal in place to rebuild Interstate 4 in the same area to accommodate more traffic by adding extra lanes, which will include slip ramps.  Construction on this though is still several years away.

Express Toll Interstate 95 is currently being built between the merge with Interstate 895 in Baltimore and the Perry Hall area east of Maryland 43. Two two-lane carriageways are being added within an expanded median of the freeway.

One more area, also in Florida, that is in the development stages of adding express lanes is Interstate 75 between Fort Myers and Naples.  Currently Interstate 75 is six-laning about 25 miles of roadway from Florida 884 (Colonial Blvd exit 136) south to Collier County 846 (exit 111).  But according to analysis and LOC levels, this will not be enough.  Thus the need for adding the express lanes.  Click here for more details.

Northern California could definitely use them along freeways like 880 and 680 which are a mess every day.


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