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Which state has the highest number of non-Interstate freeways?

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--- Quote from: gonealookin on September 23, 2023, 06:00:04 PM ---Just a few in Nevada (with some approximate lengths):
SR 613, Summerlin Parkway (6 miles)
The exits on...SR 613 are not numbered; the rest of those freeways have numbered exits.

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Updating this, since I'm here for PGA Tour at TPC Summerlin:  Since the last time I visited, the exits on SR 613 have been numbered.

I'd say California.


--- Quote from: webny99 on September 29, 2023, 12:11:09 PM ---Including interstates would defeat the entire purpose of the "non-interstate freeway" concept. It's unique to the US by definition, so other regions/countries wouldn't need to be included in the project.

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However, there are countries that have very analogous systems to the US, India being one of them. The difference in this case trying to compile India's systems for TM is a massive chore given how sparsely things are actually signed -- not just the highways themselves (which will still have old NH route signage on the ground), but interchange signage. While Street View seems to be finally being implemented, likely by on the ground static photography instead of GMSVmobiles, it's proving that street signs aren't important for Indian life.
Furthermore, Google Maps and OSM don't agree very well on what's on the ground outside of the major cities, not to mention the actual routing of some of the highways.
But India does match the US in terms of system definition -- National Expressways are Interstates, National Highways are US Highways (and the dominant system), State Highways are, well, State Highways/Routes, and there are non-numbered or private highways.
As far as I can tell, however, there aren't any uniquely SH freeways; they're either private, named routes, or NH/NE numbered.

Outside of India, I'd think Spain would be the best European example, and that's one TM could theoretically track.

AZ State Routes Full Freeway

AZ 51 16.7mi
AZ Loop 101 60.99mi
AZ 143  3.93mi
AZ Loop 202 77.66mi
AZ Loop 303 35.25mi

partial freeway
US 60 27.54mi
AZ 24 1mi

Hybread Freeway/Expressway
AZ 210 3.96mi


--- Quote from: mapman1071 on December 03, 2023, 12:21:17 AM ---AZ State Routes Full Freeway


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On that note, I think AZ definitely wins "highest percentage of freeways that are non-interstate".


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