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Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere in the forum but thought I'd share a link regarding the proposed Capital Southeast Connector outside Sacramento, CA.

--- Quote ---The Connector is being planned as a 35-mile parkway-style facility that will do more than just improve travel in the region. It will also enhance our quality of life, boost local and regional economies and even help the environment.
Spanning from Interstate 5, south of Elk Grove, to Highway 50 in El Dorado County, just east of El Dorado Hills, this vitally important piece of the region’s future transportation network will bring a wide range of benefits to those who live, work and drive in the southeast county.

When completed, the Connector will have four to six traffic lanes with limited access points to keep traffic flow moving and minimize impacts to local roads. For a few segments, this configuration may be modified to accommodate community needs. The Connector will provide options for a variety of travel modes throughout the corridor, including transit, bicyclists, pedestrians and even equestrians. The Connector’s design will seek to strike a balance between meeting regional transportation needs; preserving open space, habitat and agriculture; and maintaining the livability of neighboring communities.
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Another article has additional information:

Governments approve financing, design for Southeast Connector (dated 3/8/2013)

--- Quote ---The 35-mile route is expected to cost $463 million in 2012 dollars through 2035. About $118 million comes from a Sacramento County tax measure approved by voters in 2004.

Directors of the joint-powers agency that runs it –representing the counties of Sacramento and El Dorado, as well as the cities of Elk Grove, Folsom and Rancho Cordova – unanimously approved the project's financing and design plans. As early as this summer, the local governments could vote to commit funds to the project and empower the agency to take full responsibility.

Described as what would be the county’s largest congestion-reducing road in decades, the project would link Interstate 5 and Highway 99 just south of Elk Grove, then run along Grant Line and White Rock roads skirting Rancho Cordova and Folsom, finally connecting to Highway 50 in El Dorado Hills. The expressway would consist of two to three lanes in each direction.
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--- Quote from: andy3175 on April 11, 2013, 11:40:26 PM ---
--- Quote ---The Connector is being planned as a 35-mile parkway-style facility that will do more than just improve travel in the region. It will also enhance our quality of life, boost local and regional economies and even help the environment.
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Christ on a poop.  whatever happened to common-sense justifications for roads, like "it lets you get to point B faster". 

It's been years since I lived in Sacramento, but isn't this just connecting one suburban/exurban area to another? Is there really commuter traffic between Elk Grove and El Dorado Hills? Is there enough traffic from the south towards South Lake Tahoe?

That said, the fictional highways part of me could see it becoming part of a big loop, using CA-113 and the proposed Placer Parkway.

Concrete Bob:
Rather than start a new topic, I decided to "bump" a thread that hasn't been hit upon since May 2013. 

Earlier this week, the Joint Powers Authority responsible for developing the Capital Southeast Corridor released a Request for Proposal regarding accepting bids to develop/build the corridor.  If you go to the URL below and go to PDF page 20 of 44, you can see a plan for the ultimate buildout of the corridor. Here's a link to the document:

Personally, I would have like to have seen grade-separated interchanges at Franklin Boulevard, Williard Parkway and Bruceville Road in Elk Grove. 

Additionally, I would have also like to have seen grade-separated interchanges at Calvine Road, Eagles Nest Road, Rancho Cordova Parkway and Oak Avenue Parkway in Folsom. Since the area between Calvine Road in Wilton/Elk Grove and Oak Avenue Parkway is undeveloped, I think it would have been (and still be) easy to preserve ROW for interchanges at those points. 

Also, I would like to see Hazel Avenue extended south to the point where White Rock Road meets up with the connector as some sort of stack/diamond interchange.  The current long term plans just show a tight diamond where White Rock meets Grant Line.  If Hazel Avenue is extended south to the connector, we could conceivably see a sort of half-beltway around the south and east sides of Sacramento.  Imagine if it was tied into the Placer Parkway !!!

The four to six lane divided connector is supposed to be in operation by 2023 without interchanges.  The nine interchanges shown in the plans are supposed to be added between 2023 and 2039, as revenue flow would allow. 

Sometimes you have to bump a thread !!!

Update from the Sacramento Bee on the Capital Southeast Connector with the failure of Measure B in November ...

--- Quote ---For years, leaders in east Sacramento County have been laying the groundwork for what they call the Capital SouthEast Connector, a 34-mile beltway that would carve through ranchlands behind Folsom and Rancho Cordova, serving as a commute alternative to Highways 50 and 99.

It’s been a slow slog, beset by lawsuits, coordination issues, and most notably a lack of money.

The effort suffered a setback in November when voters rejected Measure B, the Sacramento County transportation half-cent sales tax that would have provided $125 million for the project — more than a third of the connector’s estimated $335 million construction cost.

Despite that, proponents say they intend to get the massive project built. They just aren’t sure when. ...

The planned connector would be a four-lane expressway with a center median and a bike trail, much of it an expansion of Grant Line Road and White Rock roads. It would connect to Highway 50 at the Silva Valley interchange in El Dorado County at its northeast end, as well as to Highway 99 in south Elk Grove and Interstate 5 south of Sacramento at its southwest terminus.

The connector joint powers board — made up of representatives from Sacramento and El Dorado counties, and from the cities of Folsom, Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova — will reconvene in January to discuss next steps. ...
it will take another several decades to get the expressway built. Even then, it will be a smaller road than first imagined. Previously, officials talked of building six lanes in some spots, with interchanges instead of intersections, with an estimated cost at one point of $700 million. ...

Eventually, when expected east county growth causes congestion on the new road, the connector could be turned into a full expressway by turning intersections into interchanges. ...

The group built an initial 2.2-mile section in 2012, expanding and straightening part of White Rock, from Grant Line to Prairie City Road. That section offers a preview of what the entire corridor will look like. Future sections are expected to have a bike trail separated from the roadway.

Despite the November ballot box setback, the connector project is far from financially bereft. It is in line to receive $118 million over the next two decades from the county’s existing Measure A transportation sales tax, approved by voters in 2004. The connector group also will collect fees from developers who build housing projects near the connector corridor.

The group currently has $15 million it plans to use in 2018 to further widen another 2 miles of White Rock Road to four lanes between Prairie City Road and the northern branch of Scott Road. Planners said they had hoped to build a longer section all the way to Latrobe Road in El Dorado County but do not yet have the extra $24 million that would cost. ...

The Environmental Council of Sacramento, which advocates for more infill housing development in existing urban areas, sued the connector group in 2012. Connector officials settled that lawsuit, agreeing to spend some funds to buy land on the southeast side of the road for open space preservation and species habitat. How much land and at what cost is still uncertain.
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