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Automakers Are Starting to Drop AM Radio in New Cars. Here's Why

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From The Drive:

Automakers Are Starting to Drop AM Radio in New Cars. Hereís Why
Some carmakers are leaving AM radios out of their new cars. They say itís because of audio quality, but it isnít that simple.
--- Quote ---It's easy to take for granted amenities in our cars like air conditioning and the radio, which have been standard equipment for longer than many of us have been alive. But the rise of electric vehicles is giving the auto industry the chance to rethink norms and jettison ideas that belong in the past. One of those ideas may be AM radios, which some carmakers say they won't include on future EVs, and which are already unavailable on a few. Car companies blame interference from EVs' drivetrains, but the answer isn't that simpleónot by a long shot.

AM, or amplitude modulation, is a popular medium for radio broadcasts across the United States, often for regional interests such as news, weather, and sports. According to a 2018 Edison Research study, most radio listeners tune in while in their cars, making radio broadcasters rely heavily on commuters and travelers. It'd likely worry broadcasters to hear that many new cars don't include AM radios and that they're largely EVs and hybrids. You know, the kinds of cars that are increasingly looking like our only options in the future.
--- End quote ---

I really only use AM radio for travel advisories.

The only time Iíve regularly used AM radio used to be when I was passing the Pentagon because the WTOP-FM signal on 107.7 would always fade out through there. But then WTOP switched to 103.5 and the problem cleared up. No more need for AM. Sports broadcasts hereóthe only other thing I used to listen to on AMóare generally on FM.

Max Rockatansky:
I still listen to the local ESPN AM station during my morning drive to the gym since I canít turn on the TV at home before my wife wakes up.

Well in Florida itís going to be a tough fight because we have a large Latino population. Most Spanish Speaking stations are on AM in the radio market. You take that away, youíre going have a big upset here.


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