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--- Quote from: Tom958 on May 20, 2023, 04:16:28 PM ---First, on GA 140 between Adairsville and US 27, a very high proportion of the new eastbound roadway is striped and seemingly ready for traffic, with additional sections nearly as far along. However,  one quarter-mile section about two miles west of US 41 still looks so chaotic that I can't really even tell what the finished product will be like. In particular, the barrier-faced retaining wall in this Streetview image (it was too dark for photos, and the scene snuck up on me) is very much lower than the new eastbound roadway upon which all traffic now flows.
--- End quote ---

After going back yesterday and posting some photos in a Facebook group, I learned that the project was supposed to have been finished a year and a half ago, but the contractor went broke and GDOT had to hire another. The holdup is the construction of a retaining wall that's so tall it requires two tiers of temporary excavation support, and it's not very far along now. 

I noticed this newer exit guide among many other old ones.

The rest of the guides.

I’ve always enjoyed the different font used on Georgia’s signage.

Anyone know what's going on with the new bridge being built over I-75 between I-575 and Barrett Parkway?  It's in the wrong place to be a 75 to 575 or the reverse ramp so it must be something for local traffic.

I was wondering that myself. I saw it in Mid May. My only guess is that it's going to be some kind of connector/parkway to relieve traffic volumes on Barrett Parkway...?


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