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Author Topic: I-49 in Arkansas  (Read 893972 times)


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Re: I-49 in Arkansas
« Reply #3050 on: July 26, 2021, 02:03:28 PM »

It looks like Google has deprecated any further map updates from with the standalone Google Earth Pro application. The layers Borders & Labels, Places and Roads all have "outdated" listed next to them. I'm not a big fan of the web-based version of Google Earth. It doesn't work as smoothly.
The web-based Google Earth feels like a gimmick to me.  Too bad that they seem to have deprecated the standalone, as that one is actually useful and something I use for work whenever I need to see city/town/village boundaries (via our KML file) or reference markers (ditto), or when I need to make maps for our railroad grade crossing IPP/FDRs.

Google has just announced that they are replacing the Labels, Places, Roads, and Borders layers in Google Earth Pro “over the next few months”. It might be necessary to use the new 7.3.4 version of Google Earth Pro to see them.
Great.  They're taking away all the customization options.  Now instead of international/state/county borders and leave coastlines and names off, it's all or nothing.  Same for transportation - can't have just roads and rail turned on.
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