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Author Topic: Doghouse bike signals on Jordan Pkwy and UT 89  (Read 2744 times)


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Doghouse bike signals on Jordan Pkwy and UT 89
« on: April 20, 2021, 04:26:20 PM »

A thread from traffic control with a qn regarding the intersection of Jordan Pkwy and UT 89, specifically the bike signal doghouses.  Can anyone local help us understand what is going on here?

Check out this doghouse bike signal I found in South Jordan, Utah.
A bit off topic, but what exactly is the point of the blank-out sign there? It seems to serve no purpose. Then again, I donít live there, so maybe there is a hazard Iím not aware of...

If you're talking about the blank sign on the mast arm next to the green Mountain View sign, it's most likely an illuminated NO TURN or NO TURN ON RED display that only turns on when traffic facing the sign does not have the right of way or can't turn due to conflicts. It could also be an illuminated YIELD TO PEDS display.

There's a lot of questions that I have about this setup.  Likely those questions would be answered once the area gets more developed and we see the final orientation of the signals and the intersection as a whole.

The most likely explanation for the doghouse signal is that perhaps that was the signal head that was avaialbe in stock when the signal was ready to be installed.

But a really off the wall explanation would probably be to allow for bikes to turn right from the future median bike path on Jordan to northbound 85 (which has a bike lane).  This can only safely occur at its own phase, when both WB Jordan and NB 85 have red lights.  (EB Jordan could probably have green during this phase.)  At the same time, it would also be safest to prohibit right turn on red during this time, so the blank out sign would probably be needed for a no turn on red at this phase as well.  I see no other purpose for the blank out sign as the blank out sign faces WB Jordan and the peds cross to the left of WB Jordan, where left turns are prohibited.  I guess the "no turn on red" could also occur when peds are walking along 85's sidewalk or perhaps during rush hours, but this area seems so desolate that it is unlikely that they need any NTOR signage at all, except if the bikeway conflicts with motoring traffic.

Another qn I have is with regard to why is there even a median bikeway and crosswalk in the first place here?  It is an unusual design.  At least with Lake Ave further south, there appears to be a full median bikeway treatment for a while to the west of 85.  I do see that Jordan Pkwy further east has normal bike lanes and sidewalks on the right side of the street.  So at some point the bikes will need to transition from the curb to the median in some fashion.

Here is a GSV at Lake and 85.  85 has a green and Lake has a lit up no right turn sign.  No peds or bikes anywhere to be seen.  Oh and of course an additional doghouse bike signal.


I think this deserves quality.  I will crosspost onto a Utah category in Mtn West with the hopes that perhaps someone who lives nearby can check it out for us.
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Re: Doghouse bike signals on Jordan Pkwy and UT 89
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2021, 06:44:21 PM »

I recall posting about these in another thread a while back:


I have never personally seen them display anything other than the red bicycle on top. Next time I'm in Salt Lake with free time I'll have to head down there and check them out in more detail.

(And FWIW, it's South Jordan Parkway and UT 85 - in this case South Jordan is the name of the city.)
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