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Author Topic: EU Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service: 2020 was a calm year for wildfires  (Read 2165 times)


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I'm not joking

2020 has been a year of extremes when it comes to wildfires. The Arctic and US saw record high levels of activity during the summer, whilst Canada and tropical Africa saw record lows. These lows have contributed to 2020 so far being one of the least active years since Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS*) records begin in 2003.

I can see the headlines now: Reduction in Wildfires Caused by Climate Change Spells Doom for Forest Ecosystems
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Kernals, you are entitled to your opinion, but I think we've all heard it by now. My suggestion is to stick to reporting facts and letting debate commence from there before giving your take.


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