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Author Topic: Interstate 42  (Read 184921 times)


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Re: Interstate 42
« Reply #1025 on: April 13, 2022, 11:07:21 PM »

Quote from: sprjus4
Thatís not exactly the plan - although I agree it should be. The existing frontage roads will be retained and kept 2 way while the mainline is upgraded into a six lane freeway. At interchanges, the frontage roads will curve away from the main intersection to leave room for tight traditional ramps.

They'll have to buy and clear quite a few properties near the intersection corners to do that. Tight slip ramps at various points along the way would be easier. I suppose those wouldn't be up to current geometry standards though.

Quote from: sprjus4
The second segment between the southern end of this project and the Havelock Bypass is scheduled to begin construction next year. A similar design will be used, though it will transition back to a 4 lane mainline design with a 46 foot median. The bridges appear to be designed with a third center lane for future expansion, however.

I wouldn't think there would be enough space for a 46' wide median, much less any kind of grassy median at all. I pretty much expected the opposing main lanes to be divided by a concrete Jersey barrier along all the portions flanked by frontage roads.
If you go on the project websites, all of the design plans should be posted.


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Re: Interstate 42
« Reply #1026 on: May 04, 2022, 08:47:21 PM »

Wilsons Mills freeway upgrade.

Approaching the future Swift Creek Rd. interchange.

Approaching the future Wilsons Mills Rd. interchange.

Look at those big, broad shoulders (Dover).

Clearing right-of-way for James City freeway upgrade.

Havelock Bypass
west interchange going eastbound

east interchange going eastbound

east interchange going westbound



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Re: Interstate 42
« Reply #1027 on: Today at 11:20:08 AM »

Will the BP station have to shut down east of US 70 Business near Smithfield where that one at grade is that got itís median closed to prevent cross traffic?

I imagine that this will not be bypassed but upgraded.
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