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Seattle to Ashland and Crescent City

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Taking US 20 from Corvallis to Newport will let you see the Eddyville section that turned into one of ODOT's most expensive terrain taming highway projects.  Add in a nice long distance view of the ocean as you approach the Newport city limits.

Tokyo Bistro is on Newmark (SR 540)  in Coos Bay.  It is a very good Japanese restaurant.  Their bento box meals are amazing!  Consider it if a meal stop is part of being in Coos Bay.

Florence and Myrtle Point have classic A&W's still.  Might as well grab a mug of some their root beer and maybe even buy a mug.


I'm particularly fond of Patrick's Point in California, either for a day trip or campgrounds.  Try Agate Beach if you have just a couple of hours - the hike down the bluff trail is about 20 minutes down and 40 minutes up. 

Oh, I see Patrick's Point is being renamed Su-Meg State Park.  You'll see both names in use for a while.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I've been slowly building up a revised itinerary, but due to the inflexible nature of some trip elements I will have to skip out on a lot of stuff. And yes, we will still try to do Medford-Redwoods-Medford in a single day, because I can't convince them that it might be too much in one go.

Besides the trailheads near Crescent City, are there any particular parts of Redwood National Park that are worth stopping by? I'm looking for some of the giants closer to the coast, preferably without a long hike from the parking lot.

Max Rockatansky:
Fern Canyon Trail and Lady Bird Johnson Trail are very direct to the Redwood groves.


--- Quote from: Max Rockatansky on May 25, 2022, 01:05:34 AM ---Fern Canyon Trail and Lady Bird Johnson Trail are very direct to the Redwood groves.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for those, we'll see if we can make it that far. Also grabbed a parking reservation, which seems to be required.

Now to hunt around for decent architecture to photograph.


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