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Former US 99-60-70 in Coachella Valley


Max Rockatansky:
Put something together for the corridors of US 99-60-70 in Coachella Valley:

"Prior to the emergence of Interstate 10 the corridor of Coachella Valley was part of the alignments of US Routes 99, 60 and 70.  Within Coachella Valley US Routes 99, 60 and 70 have numerous notable former alignments.  This blog explores the alignment histories of US Routes 99, 60 and 70 from the outset of the US Route System through to the completion of Interstate 10 in the Coachella Valley communities of Whitewater, Garnet, Edom/Thousand Palms, Indio, Coachella and Mecca.  Featured as the blog cover is US Routes 99-60-70 on Fargo Street in downtown Indio during 1935."


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