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WDIV: "The Z-Bridge: The turbulent history behind Michiganís Zilwaukee Bridge"


Ken Haddad from Detroit's WDIV-TV 4 wrote up a little story summing up the long and winding history of the Zilwaukee Bridge(s):

Terry Shea:
The name says it all.

And credits to Chris Bessert.

Papa Emeritus:
Another article about the old Zilwaukee bridge said in the late 1970s, it was raised as people were driving up north for the opening of the deer hunting season.

A hunter who was frustrated about being stuck in traffic decided if he couldn't shoot at deer, he'd shoot at something else, and shot out one of the windows of the bridge's control cab.

Nobody in the control cab was injured, but I'm sure a couple of people in the cab had to put on fresh underwear after their shift ended....


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