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Poison Ivy

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Ever get into some poison ivy?  Sucks don't it?
Supposedly there's a small percentage of the population born with a horseshoe up their bum who are immune to it.  Been jealous of them this week.
Last weekend I tripped on some vine and landed on a patch.  Now my right flank looks like Swedish Fish (because of course I was wearing shorts!).

Makes me think of how crappy a defense mechanism the irritant in poison ivy is.  It doesn't affect the creature who stomped it right away; it takes many hours to start in.  By then, the hapless mammal who blundered into it has moved far on and has very little way to correlate the irritant with that particular plant unless they're intelligent like a human.  Maybe the effect is more instant if you try to eat it?  Maybe it's less of a problem if one is completely covered in fur.

Well regardless, share your unfortunate encounters with itchy, scratchy, obnoxious plants in this thread.  And see if you can resist scratching somewhere on your person when reading the thread. :-D

Never been bothered by any of the three poison pals.  Not sure if I'm immune, but I've done enough hiking that you would assume I would have encountered them at some point.


Max Rockatansky:
Iíve never had much of a reaction to anything in the Poison family.  I had some minor itching for a couple hours when I was exposed to Poison Ivy when I was seven but it didnít develop into a full blown rash.  A lot of the trails I hike and run on have Poison Oak strewn about them, never seemed to cause me an issue upon accidental contact.

My dad could roll around naked in the stuff and it wouldn't bother him at all. That trait didn't get passed down to me. I inherited his tendency to sweat, not his immunity to poison ivy.

My wife can just think about it and she breaks out, often to the point of needing medical intervention (oral steroids and a prescription cream.)

Also to note, dogs and cats are immune from it, but pet your four legged member after theyíve been exposed and you will get as if you touched the stuff directly.


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