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Best views of Mt. Shasta

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I'm going up there in two weeks and I wanted to know where I could get the best photos of the mountain without straying too far away from I-5 or going too far north. I hear that Weed is a great place to take photos?

J N Winkler:
Caltrans does provide a viewpoint on US 97 just north of Weed for Mount Shasta, but personally I think that is too far north for good photos--ideally you should shoot with the sun at your back, which isn't really possible when looking south at that latitude.  It is pretty easy to get a good picture from several I-5 exits immediately west of the mountain, if you arrive in the mid-afternoon.  Case in point:

But if you take U.S. 97 late in the day, you can get decent lighting on Mt. Shasta.

J N Winkler:
Was that taken in the winter?  (The snow cover suggests it was.)  If so, then the flat light must have helped.

It was taken April 1, 2005, just south of a storm system that began drenching northwest that morning.


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