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 on: Today at 01:12:10 AM 
Started by bandit957 - Last post by bandit957
When was the last time you buyed a print newspaper?

For me, it was around 2000. Every day except Sundays, I used to read the Kentucky Post, which was an edition of the Cincinnati Post, one of the big local dailies. I used to buy a copy from a vending machine. By that time, they had an online version, but I still buyed the print version, because it had articles the online edition didn't have. But I got tired of what essentially amounted to front-page editorials, so it just wasn't worth it anymore. The Post had good coverage of things like local crimes and fires, but it wasn't worth wading through the nonsense.

The Post finally went out of business in the late 2000s.

 on: Today at 12:59:17 AM 
Started by Ian - Last post by Bickendan
Picked up the Yamuna Expressway in Uttar Pradesh, India - both ways - a few weeks ago.
Also got the DND Flyover as well. And both of those increased my AH 1 mileage.

 on: Today at 12:22:03 AM 
Started by route56 - Last post by route56
There are 17 projects up for bidding on April 19.


73-03 KA 3889-01: Replace bridge #014 over the Walnut Creek Drainage 4.55 miles northwest of the Thomas Road (former K-74) intersection. One-lane traffic through the work zone controlled by a temporary traffic signal.

77-58 KA 3923-01: Replace the bridge over Fawn creek on US 77/K-9 and reconstruct the east approach. One-lane traffic through the work zone controlled by a temporary traffic signal.

27 TE 0492-01: Construct a new Pedestrian/Bike Path along the west side of Grand Avenue (K-14) between Grace Avenue and the Smoky Hill River bridge.

36-77 KA 5987-01: Grading and surfacing on Grant Steet between 5th and 7th in Atwood. (no plans)

40-100 KA 3914-01: Replace the South Fork Smoky Hill River bridge between Sharon Springs and Wallace.;

40-100 KA 3916-01: Replace the bridge over the Union Pacific Limon Subdivision between Weskan and Sharon Springs. Detour via K-27, I-70, and US 385, though local traffic will be diverted onto old US 40 into Sharon Springs.

40-100 KA 4067-01: Replaced the bridge over the Union Pacific Sharon Springs Subdivision west of Wallace. Traffic to be carried on a shoe-fly detour

69-11 KA 6619-01/400-11 KA 6620-01: 1/2-inch milling and 1.5-inch Overlay on US 69A/US 400 from K-66 north to US 69-160 and continuing north on US 69-160-400 to K-171. (US 69A segment is non-FA)

15-87 KA 5793-01: Upgrade of the traffic signals at Southeast Boulevard and 31st Street in Wichita

Federal-Aid, Local Projects:

16 C 5074-01: Replace a wood bridge on a driveway off of old US 50 about 1 1/2 mile east of Old Beto Junction.

30 C 5114-01: Replace the Osborne Road bridge over Eight Mile Creek

87 N 0738-01: Repair the Zoo Boulevard bridge over the Big Ditch in Wichita


106 KA 6913-01: Mudjacking work in KDOT District 1

23-32 KA 6904-01: Patching on K-23 between MM 136-139 in Gove County

70-98 KA 6859-01: Lighting upgrades at the I-70 Rest areas east of WaKenney

15-87 KA 6903-01: HMA Patching and a 2-inch overlay on the east Frontage Road of Southeast Boulevard from 47th Street to Clifton Avenue in Wichita.

 on: Today at 12:17:56 AM 
Started by kphoger - Last post by Rothman
Nah.  This new marketing gimmick of "Detroit-style pizza" is stupid.

Is it a marketing gimmick of the style of pizza dates back to 1946?
Like I said, gimmick.

 on: Today at 12:00:34 AM 
Started by mass_citizen - Last post by thenetwork
D 5/8 Road in Grand Junction for your viewing pleasure.

Oh yeah, those are all over GJ.  For example, here is the intersection of 28 Road and B Road.

Not weird enough?  How about B4/10 Road?

When our car overheated near Naturita and we took it to the mechanic in GJ, we walked through the intersection of 27 Road and C Road to pick it up later.
It makes you wonder, if they have to ever use decimals - I mean what if it's G 29/53 Road or something?
D 5/8 Road in Grand Junction for your viewing pleasure.

Oh yeah, those are all over GJ.  For example, here is the intersection of 28 Road and B Road.

Not weird enough?  How about B4/10 Road?

When our car overheated near Naturita and we took it to the mechanic in GJ, we walked through the intersection of 27 Road and C Road to pick it up later.
It makes you wonder, if they have to ever use decimals - I mean what if it's G 29/53 Road or something?

Usually the fractions.are either s, s or tenths of a mile.   In the 1/10th mile category they do one of 3 ways:

G-1/10 Road
G.1 Road
G Road

And.on the outer North and South Fringes of Mesa County, you can have:

AA Road (once you've exhausted single-letter roads beyond Z Road)

BS Road -- and yes, there IS a road by that name in Glade Park -- (With the 'S' denoting the southern half of the county, or "B South Road")

 on: March 25, 2023, 11:59:25 PM 
Started by rickmastfan67 - Last post by jakeroot
I once found a murder scene on the satellite photos. I have no idea where it was now.

Was it related to the murder of Kevin Barrera in Oakland, California?


 on: March 25, 2023, 11:52:05 PM 
Started by MCRoads - Last post by jakeroot
And that is a recommendation (should), not a standard (shall). But it is genuinely puzzling to me why so many traffic agencies ignore that recommendation and install them AT such intersections.

I assume it's because, in general, more people cross a road where there's a cross-street than where there isn't one.

Exactly, and it's why (IMO) it's an idiotic recommendation. Very few pedestrians are likely to detour mid-block towards a HAWK unless they ultimately have to go that way.

I would much rather the HAWK design were modified to be placed more effectively at intersections rather than attempting to prohibit it altogether. And/or the MUTCD being less mental about half-signals.

If there is an intersection, a regular traffic signal is supposed to be used instead of a HAWK.

Half signals are just plain wrong. They confuse side road drivers.

To my knowledge, the HAWK was created specifically to be a beacon, and the warrants for beacons are much easier to meet, compared to full traffic signals.

Half signals are unique; don't mistake that for confusing. Drivers who do not drive in areas where they are common (such as Seattle) may find them unusual, but I shall imagine almost all drivers are able to work out what is happening within a few moments, and can successfully maneuver through them. The point, though, is to improve pedestrian safety, and I think half signals in this way have actually proven to be very successful in reducing pedestrian crashes. Don't look at them as being tools for helping drivers, but tools for helping pedestrians. They may be an oddity for drivers, but they are mostly to aid pedestrians.

 on: March 25, 2023, 11:50:35 PM 
Started by geek11111 - Last post by SD Mapman
55 is fine for Wisconsin. Its not a plains state - the terrain is more rolly and curvy, and therefore the roads are as well. In addition, due to higher population density, two lane roads are busier on average here than they are in states where the limit is above 55 on two lane roads.

I second this. Maybe certain segments could be 60 or 65, but once you get into rural enough regions to justify it, you're more likely to hit a deer.
Well and you guys have all those trees, which makes it hard to see anything. The further west you go, the fewer trees (on average) are next to the road, which allows for earlier wildlife spotting.

As mentioned earlier, WY has 70-mph two lane roads (which is nice), but sometimes it doesn't line up nicely at state lines. Old US 14 at the SD/WY border jumps from 55 (the SD maximum for county roads) to 70 with no real difference in roadway design (except WY kept the wide shoulders from the US 14 days, would have liked Lawrence County to do that too instead of narrowing the shoulder when they repaved it back in the early 2000s but that's a personal pet peeve). I have not personally seen anyone really slow down at the border heading back from Beulah on my runs/bike rides.

 on: March 25, 2023, 11:47:08 PM 
Started by Henry - Last post by Duke87
The Chevrolet Camaro as we know it is dead. The company just announced that the sixth-generation of the long-running pony car will be discontinued at the end of the 2024 model year. And, it's likely, it'll be dead permanently in a form we're familiar witha gas-powered two-door coupe or convertible. But, as has been rumored and which was obliquely referenced in Chevy's release, the Camaro nameplate will survivein what form remains to be seen, but you can probably guess, and it rhymes with "TV."
Count me in as another hater of the Mustang CUV, but at least it'll still be available in the only style that it's always been, a two-door coupe/convertible.

Yeah the "Mach-E" is an unholy demon, but not because it's electric - purely because of the body shape that is entirely unbecoming of what's supposed to be a low-end sports car.

If you made an electric one that's otherwise a regular coupe like it's supposed to be, then that's fine.

There's otherwise nothing wrong with an electric sports car: electric motors can produce a lot of torque, so there's actually an advantage to this. Just... no canned engine or exhaust noise please. No pretending it isn't electric. Embrace it, give the car a nice loud electric motor whine.

As far as the Camaro, yeah, you have to keep in mind here that Stellantis is a European company so politically they have to at least pretend they're going to be selling nothing but electric cars in 10 years or so. But also, more expensive platforms are logical first places to start ditching the internal combustion platform because it's easier for their buyers to absorb the cost increase an electric platform entails, and since these cars tend to be used for funsies more than for the daily drive grind (i.e. people who buy them usually own another car), the limitations on range and charging speed are less an issue.

 on: March 25, 2023, 11:40:54 PM 
Started by jhuntin1 - Last post by SD Mapman
So I posit back to this audience, other than some noted safety and geometry issues in certain places, time to distance does *not* appear to be an issue with US36 across Missouri, even with the posted limits.

Why would MoDOT spend the money?

So they can finally take down the CKC signs?   :-P

Probably could. I asked a few truckers about 10-12 years ago if they had a load to take from CHI to KC would they use the CKC?

Definitely not scientific or universal but in my brief survey they all said no.

I asked why, something about "no company service or relief on the route".

I took that to mean if they had a breakdown, a mass tire event, or a driver problem, the route was too far off the beaten path to deal with it promptly.

That may not be the case today.

From what I remember the last time I was on it there was a new (2017) Love's about halfway across Missouri, there might be more now.

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